1. Hard core Muse fans (we call ourselves Musers) don’t necessarily agree with you rankings. Year after year in our international head-to-head song competitions the top ten Muse songs as voted by Musers are:
    1. Citizen Erased
    2. Stockholm Syndrome
    3. Map of the Problematique
    4. Butterflies and Hurricanes
    5. Bliss
    6. Newborn
    7. Knights of Cydonia
    8. Showbiz
    9. Hysteria
    10. Exogenesis Symphony

    1. your list also seems good everyone has different opinion we have expertise on Muse since 2005. So, we are happy to hear lots of different opinions. Thanks 🙂

    1. I totally agree. Their older stuff is great for sure but they have advanced abd they get better with age. WOTP is amazing! I love everything they do!

  2. Your list makes far more sense than the articles rankings. The only other song I would sneak into my personal ranking would be Plug in Baby, but the article having Supermassive Black Hole at #1 is an absolute travesty. That song surely does not make the top 10.

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