1. Not to criticize but Bon Scott was not on AC/DC’s Back in Black album. In fact, it was the first album released after his death with Brian Johnson doing the vocals.

    1. Bon Scott didn’t sing on “Back in Black”, it was brian Johnson.
      I would have included Freddy Mercury, & Ronnie James Dio as greatest rock vocalist.

  2. I think “For Those About To Rock” was the 1st collection of songs Brian Johnson was on for AC/DC. It’s an EP, so “Back In Black” was truly the first full length album and was the 1st cassette tape I bought in 1981.

  3. You know something I don’t think that Paul Stanley at Ace frehley, get a fourth of the notoriety admiration and respect that they deserve in a rock world and beyond love you can give a shout out for me about them thanks a lot.

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