Pink Floyd Members Net Worth in 2021: Albums, Life and More

Pink Floyd Members Net Worth in 2021: Albums, Life and More
Pink Floyd Members

Touching almost every single person’s life, Pink Floyd has unarguably stormed the world up with its amazing songs and performances. While it has such a power on so many people and their lives, it’s wondering how much worth did its members get to reach along the way. So, let’s see Pink Floyd members’ net worth today, in 2021.

Formed in London in 1964 by Syd Barrett, the regarded English band’s members also included Nick Mason as the drummer, Roger Waters as the bassist and vocalist, Richard Wright as keyboardist and vocalist, and Bob Klose as the guitarist who quit after in 1965. In 1967, David Gilmour joined the band as the guitarist and vocalist to replace Barrett after he left Pink Floyd in April 1968 due to deteriorating mental health. After Barrett’s quit, Waters became the primary lyricist and thematic leader, as he lead the band and formed the concepts behind the band’s peak success with the albums.

So, there are lots of other things the members of the regarded band have achieved we still haven’t mentioned, for sure. So, let’s find out about those along with Pink Floyd members net worth today in 2021.

Pink Floyd Members Net Worth in 2021

As their career still remains for more than thirty years, Pink Floyd first debuted in 1967 with its The Piper At The Gates Down. Throughout the years, the regarded and beloved band released 4 live albums, 5 box sets, 6 EPs, 9 compilation albums, and 27 singles, selling more than 250 million records all around the world. As the band’s latest and fifteenth album, The Endless River was released in 2014, Pink Floyd’s best-selling albums Wish You Were Here, The Wall, and The Dark Side Of The Moon still manage to keep their place among the best-selling albums in the rock and roll community, as well.

And today in 2021, Pink Floyd members’ net worth seems to be $350 million. Let’s see its members’ own worthies, as well.

Syd Barrett Net Worth: $5 Million

As the original frontman and the founder of Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett passed away on July 7, 2006, due to pancreatic cancer. Before his death, he had announced his retirement in 1972, as well. So until his retirement, Barrett had performed on four singles, two studio albums, and several unreleased stuff of the band, including Pink Floyd’s first two albums.

And today in 2021, Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett‘s net worth seems to be $5 million.

Richard Wright Net Worth: $70 Million

Appearing on fourteen studio albums of the regarded band, Richard Wright was one of the co-founders of Pink Floyd. The only album he couldn’t make it to appear in was the band’s twelfth album that was released on March 21, 1983.

On the other side, Wright also had appeared on Barrett’s final solo album outside of his career on Pink Floyd. Wright also had released two solo albums during his career outside of the beloved band, as he debuted with his second and final solo album in 1996, titled Broken China with Wet Dream.

Unfortunately, Richard Wright also passed away on September 15, 2008.

And today in 2021, Pink Floyd member Richard Wright‘s net worth seems to be $70 Million.

Nick Mason Net Worth: $180 Million

As being the only member who performed in the entire Pink Floyd albums, Nick Mason is obviously known best for his drum career with the regarded band, Pink Floyd.

On the other side, Mason only released one solo studio album that was released on May 3, 1981, and titled Nick Mason’s Fictitious Sports, outside of his career with Pink Floyd. After his co-founder drummer career with Pink Floyd, Mason has also worked with artists such as Rick Fenn and Michael Mantler, throughout his still-active career today.

And today in 2021, Pink Floyd member Nick Mason‘s net worth seems to be $180 million.

David Gilmour Net Worth: $180 million

Joining the band after Syd Barrett had left, David Gilmour couldn’t have the chance to be a part of the band’s debut album The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. But still, this is the only album he couldn’t appear as well, so he performed in the rest of the entire Pink Floyd albums.

On the other side, Gilmour has a huge and great solo career of his own outside of the regarded band, as well. As he released 4 solo studio albums in his solo career, he had first debuted with his self-titled record, David Gilmour back in 1978. His latest album Rattle That Lock was released in 2015.

And today in 2o21, Pink Floyd member David Gilmour‘s net worth seems to be $180 million.

Roger Waters Net Worth: $310 Million

Among the fifteen albums of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters had performed in the band’s twelve studio albums, between 1965 and 1985. As the musician’s debut album was The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn with the band, the last album he released was The Final Cut, in 1983.

Debuting in 1984 with The Pros and Cons Of Hitch Hiking, Waters had released four solo studio albums as a solo artist outside of his career with Pink Floyd. And his fourth and last solo album titled This the Life We Really Want? was released in 2017.

And today in 2021, Pink Floyd member Roger Water‘s net worth seems to be $310 Million, which makes him one of the richest rockstars in the world.

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