Sabaton Will Not Change Their Style

Sabaton Will Not Change Their Style

During Sabaton’s career, the band has encountered many problems with their fans. Even, Fans falsely labeled Sabaton as Nazi sympathizers. Also, Sabaton had taken pressure to change their war-inspired lyrics. Despite the problems, they do not change their style.

Why has Sabaton been taking the wrong impression from fans?

When Sabaton releases an album or track, we will see wrong inspirations everywhere. It has not changed since the start of the band career.  Pär Sundström says about their first song “People thought it was a Nazi song, ‘Primo Victoria.”Joakim Brodén added, “The German distributor stopped it and we had to give them all the lyrics for the whole album before they would release it.”

Because of the lyrics, people assume that the band must support the Nazis. Lyrics of the song are “Through the gates of hell, As we make our way to heaven, Through the Nazi lines, Primo victoria.” However, Their massage is different from what fans thought. They want to tell the story about the Allied invasion of Normandy.

Pär Sundström says, “They wanted to change it, but we did not change it.” Because of the new album name, The band had taken wrong impressions from the producers. Producers asked Sabaton not to put the word “Nazi” intro on their second album. Because of the issues, the band accepted this request from the producer. They replaced the “Nazi” world with “Attero Deminatus.”


Their song caught popularity among the armies. Those armies want to make the celebration with the Sabaton. However, some politicians stopped this collaboration possibility. Pär Sundström says “We had near-collaborations very often with various military factions, armories, and stuff… but usually there’s some politician that stops it.” Pär Sundström added, “When the band wrote a song about [the Holocaust], some people misunderstood it and thought Sabaton was a neo-Nazi band. Very uninformed. Some people just want to blame and hate and find errors because they don’t like Sabaton.” “Ahh,” Joakim Brodén chimed in. “Pathetic keyboard warriors who will take offense on others’ behalf.”

Despite those issues, Sabaton had reached massive success. They become number one among German and Swedish music fans. In addition, they handled gain a huge fan base which is growing day by day. Also, the band has launched a new Youtube channel named Sabaton History channel. On their channel, they regularly share new videos about wartime history. If you want to look at their channel.

Who is Sabaton?

Sabaton is a metal band from the Swedish. The band founding members are Pär Sundström and Joakim Brodén. They have released nine albums. While they were writing their nine albums, the band was inspired by the wars. That’s why some people accused them to be Nazi sympathizers. Despite the negative comments about Sabaton’s album, Their latest album reached number 1 on Swedish and german music cards. With this success, Sabaton has been known to be one of the  “big four” power metal bands.

Also, you can watch their youtube video about this situation below.


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