Best 12 Alice Cooper Songs Ranked

Best 12 Alice Cooper Songs Ranked
Alice Cooper

While the talented musician Alice Cooper has been giving a musical feast to his audience with his raspy voice for over 50 years, we wanted to list the best 12 songs of his, so far.

Formed in. 1964, Alice Cooper was actually a band called The Earwigs in the first place, consisting of Vincent Furnier on vocals and harmonica, Glen Buxton on lead guitar, and Dennis Dunaway on bass. But soon enough, the band continued expanding its lineup, as Michael Bruce joined them in 1966 as the band’s rhythm guitar before also Neal Smith came along to play the drums in 1967. So as the five came all together, they changed the band’s name to ‘Alice Cooper‘ and released their 1969 debut album with limited chart success. And after releasing 5 studio albums, the regarded band first caught its commercial peak in 1973 with its sixth studio album, Billion Dollar Babies. But two years later of their successful commercial, the band disbanded in 1975 as Vincent Furnier adopted the band’s name as both his legal name and his stage name as Alice Cooper to start his own and successful solo career along with a quick start in 1975 by releasing a concept album Welcome to My Nightmare.

So, helping shape heavy metal into a whole new level of horror, the talented musician Alice Cooper released 21 solo albums so far, along with performing with other famous names and bands, throughout his successful and 5-decade-year-lasting ongoing career. And, despite his age, Alice Cooper is still knocking spots off of young musicians, with his still energetic just like the very first day and dark stage performance, along with his ultimate musician skills. But let’s also see those songs that have shaped heavy metal and its sound and made their way to today still being listened to just like the first day.

12- Halo of Flies

Taken from the band‘s 1971 album Killer, Halo of Flies is sure among some of the underrated songs of Alice Cooper although it actually deserves to be somewhere much higher, at least from its current place. One of the reasons for the song not to be heard that much is actually based on the fact that the song was only released in the Netherlands at first before it appeared on the album 2 years later. But still, Halo of Flies has somehow been appreciated for its release, becoming a top 10 hit in the Netherlands, along with being charted also in Belgium, as well, before it finally headed out in the US along with featuring the B-side “Under My Wheels”, also another killer song of the Killer album.

11- Feed My Frankenstein

Getting the help of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai on the guitar, and Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue on the bass, Feed My Frankenstein was released as a single in 1992 from the 19th solo studio album Hey Stoopid of Alice Cooper. The single led the album to reach number 4 in the UK as it achieved the highest chart position among the other singles from the album, peaking at number 27 in the UK.

10- Only Women Bleed

Often understood mistakenly, Only Women Bleed is one of the deepest songs by Alice Cooper, telling the story of a woman in an abusive marriage. So, the song’s name has been changed to “Only Women” to be released as a single from his debut solo album Welcome to My Nightmare in 1975. Although the song was also limited for its play on the radio and in other public forums, it still managed to peak at number 1 in Canada, 12 in the US, and 50 in Australia, showing off its real value, anyway.

9- Only My Heart Talkin’

One of the most regarded ballads of Alice Cooper, Only My Heart Talkin’ was released as one of four singles taken from the album, while the other three are “Poison”, “House of Fire” and “Bed of Nails,” which have also become some of the best songs of Alice Cooper, as well. And as for Only My Heart Talkin’, the song might have become the least successful single from the album behind House Of Fire, peaking at number 89 in the US, and 47 in Australia. But still, the song still could gather great regard, as it also featured Steven Tyler contributing on vocals of this very underrated ballad of Alice Cooper.

8- Poison

A power ballad from the eighteenth album of Alice Cooper, Poison sure set the Thames on fire right after it was released on July 17, 1989. The song immediately became one of the biggest hit singles in the US, peaking at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100, while it also caught even better commercial in the UK by being ranked at number two on the UK Singles Chart. And today, nothing has changed for ‘Poison‘ as it still remains to be credited as one of the best songs of Alice Cooper.

7- Under My Wheels

Under My Wheels was originally released as a track from the band Alice Cooper’s Killer album back in 1971, before it was also re-recorded in 1988 by Alice Cooper himself and Guns N’ Roses, with the vocals performed as a duet between Cooper and Axl Rose, for the soundtrack of The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years. But whether which version of the song you like, Under My Wheels has sure become one of the best songs produced under the name of Alice Cooper, anyway.

6- Elected

A reworked song from the band Alice Cooper’s debut single ‘Reflected’ from their album of 1969, ‘Pretties for You’, Elected was re-released on the sixth studio album Billion Dollar Babies of Alice Cooper, becoming the first Hot 100 hit among the album’s tracks. Besides all the positive critics it received, the song has also proven itself to be one of the best and most memorable songs of Alice Cooper, peaking at number 26 immediately during election week on the charts in the US, as well as reaching number 4 in the UK and 3 in Austria, as well, even though the song is now mostly known by the core fan base of the regarded musician, relatively.

5- Hey Stoopid

The title track from Alice Cooper’s album Hey Stoopid, the song delivered a strong anti-drug message to warn young people about the dangers and pitfalls of drug abuse and espouses the benefits of living drug-free. Hey Stoopid became the most successful single of the album as it featured Slash playing the guitar solo while also Ozzy Osbourne and Joe Satriani made guest appearances, as well. So, considering the deepness and the meaning of the song along with the guest appearances it had, not to mention Alice Cooper anyways, Hey Stoopid sure made its way to charts with success, peaking at number 78 in the US, 21 in the UK, 32 in Australia, and 5 in Norway.

4- No More Mr. Nice Guy

Another song from Alice Cooper’s No.1 album Billion Dollar Babies, No More Mr. Nice Guy has become one of the best songs of Cooper’s, not only proven by its charting ranks but also being used and covered by many regarded and young artists throughout the years, giving no chance anyone to forget about it like it’s ever possible. The song peaked at number 25 in the US, and number 10 in the UK, as it was also one of the boosters of Billion Dollar Babies to head out number 1, too.

3- Dead Babies

Yet, here we are with another great song from Alice Cooper’s 1971 album Killer, showcasing a great glimpse of what happens when you leave the kids home alone especially its music clip and lyrics. Almost everyone should have gotten used to Alice Cooper‘s amazing horror maybe, but when it comes to this song, we are pretty sure that it has also become one of the most affecting songs as well as the most memorable anti-child abuse anthem of Cooper’s as it still gives itches while both listening and watching its live performance.

2- I’m Eighteen

Showcasing Alice Cooper while sneering about the angst of being “in the middle” between youth and adulthood with his raspy vocals, I’m Eighteen has made its way to become one of the most legendary songs along with also featuring a lumbering, arpeggiated guitar riff. Released as a single in November 1970 backed with the “Is It My Body” album, the song also peaked at number 21 at the time of its release as the band’s first top-forty success, convincing record label that Alice Cooper had the commercial potential to release an album. So, as one of the kicker songs of Alice Cooper’s legendary career, I’m Eighteen sure deserves to be credited as one of his best songs of him, as it also managed to handle the still valid dilemma of being in a purgatory of every 18-year-old teen in existence.

1- School’s Out

Written by Alice Cooper wishing for the days when schools end forever as itself has been literally blown up, School’s Out was released as the title track of Alice Cooper’s fifth album on April 26, 1972. Incorporating the childhood rhyme along with also some of the vocals being contributed by children, the song has earned huge regard and acclaim from both fans and critics, as well as becoming the band’s signature song. The song peaked at number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100, number 3 in the Canadian Hot 100, number 2 in Ireland, and reached the top of the UK Singles Chart at the time, while it also still serves as their best-known song in the rock music world along with being credited as an introduction song for Alice Cooper.


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