Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi still wants to join forces with Queen guitarist

Black Sabbath Tony Iommi Still Wants To Join Forces With Queen Guitarist
Black Sabbath and Tony Iommi

The co-founder of Black Sabbath, Tony Iommi has recently appeared in an interview, as he reflected he still wants to work and collaborate with the guitarist of the iconic band Queen, Brian May.

It’s not long since Tony Iommi spoke about his relationship with Brian May, appearing in an interview. And apparently, Black Sabbath guitarist has also been wanting to join forces with Queen guitarist, who Iommi also described as his Rock God during an interview, recently. So, it’s not a shocker after all, since we all also got to know better the friendship of the two talented guitarists.

After giving credit to his friend Brian May for his ultimate musical skills, Tony Iommi said that he wants to collaborate with the long-serving guitarist of Queen, Brian May, and talked about how this idea was formed in the first place. In addition, it’s also known that Black Sabbath co-founder has been wanting to work with May for a long time, as he also said “We may well find some way of working together on them,” during an earlier interview of his in 2013.

But yet, the two talented guitarists couldn’t make the project happen so far. So after Iommi’s interview which he chose Brian May as his Rock God, the guitarist and co-founder of Black Sabbath were asked more about Queen guitarists, and their agendas, in his latest interview. He answered the question, reflecting this has been one of their topics with May, as well.

“We’ve talked about it for years, we really have, and the pandemic smacked everything up. Brian came here to my house just before,” Iommi started.

“It was a lovely day; we sat outside in the courtyard and played riffs. I played him some of the stuff I’d got, and he said, ‘Oh, great, you’ve gotta do something with this.’ And we’ve talked about it on and off. It would be nice, one day, to do that.

May is really busy now doing all sorts of things, and it’s great that he’s kept active. You can never say what’s gonna happen. It would be nice. I’m open for a lot of things now, really,” added Black Sabbath guitarist, reflecting how both musicians enjoy doing music together.

But the desire for collaborating with Brian May doesn’t also seem so close, as well, as the two good friends can’t match their agendas up, apparently. Still, it is also no obstacle for their fans to wait eagerly, especially after Iommi started speaking more about the Queen guitarist, and his desire to collaborate with him.

Ultimately, the talented guitarist Tony Iommi had also appeared in another interview recently, where he revealed, Born Again master tapes have been found, which was the only album recorded with the lead vocalist Ian GillianBorn Again was released back in 1983, along with also being the last studio album of Black Sabbath featuring drummer Bill Ward. So, after finding the tapes, Iommi revealed that he is on to reprepare the album to get its sounding right to make it available to the public.

You may also want to check out Black Sabbath co-founder Tony Iommi’s previous interview, as he talked about his relationship with the iconic rock band Queen guitarist, Brian May.

Before we finish, Queen guitarist and founder, Brian May also appeared in an interview recently, revealing brand new information about his plans for his upcoming solo album. May revealed he’s been thinking about making his upcoming solo album instrumental, along with more details. You may also find out more about it, here.


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