Megadeth Guitarist Kiko Loureiro Tells What He Has Learned from Dave Mustaine So Far

Megadeth Guitarist Kiko Loureiro Tells What He Has Learned From Dave Mustaine So Far
Kiko Loureiro

While Megadeth has been preparing to release its new album, titled “The Sick, The Dying And The Dead“, for a while, its fresh blood guitarist Kiko Loureiro appeared in an interview recently. The talented musician told what he has learned from Dave Mustaine, so far, during his conversation.

Even though he had started his career very early as he was only a young boy, the talented musician Kiko Loureiro’s Megadeth journey has started as its guitarist in 2015, as a replacement for the former member Chris Broderick. During his career with the beloved metal band, Loureiro performed in only one album of Megadeth so far, which is the band’s latest album Dystopia.

And as the regarded thrash metal band has been preparing to release their upcoming album soon, their talented guitarist Kiko Loureiro talked about how his 6 years tenure with Megadeth has been going, and what Dave Mustaine contributed to him so far.

Kiko Loureiro answered a question as what he learned from frontman Dave Mustaine during this time after he was asked:

“I don’t know if you’re asking about guitar stuff, but I think my answer would go more, like,” started explaining Megadeth guitarist.

“I learned watching him strive to be unstoppable, to be strong, to search for excellence, to demand excellence from everyone, and everyone delivers excellence, delivers their best. Leadership… What else? I don’t know… Fight for your case. Fight for your music. Fight for your band. Fight for your fans.

Being an artist, being creative, combining all those things – being professional and at the same time creative and at the same time having fun while you’re doing the stuff.

Yeah, a lot of experience in the music business as well – in the music business in general, in the show biz. And regarding guitar as well, the thrash metal essence. All the rhythms – mainly the rhythms and then the attitude and the force, the vibe, the drive, the intensity.

So, all those things while you’re playing. Mixing the technical things with a lot of energy – like metal with punk with attitude. I think I’m a way better rhythm player because of just hanging and playing with Dave for all those years – since 2015.

Also composing – he composes in a very different way than I do. And I think watching and learning from the way he does as well. So, yeah, a lot of stuff. I could do an entire video of things that I learned from Dave and from the whole Megadeth experience,” answered the talented musician Kiko Loureiro and reflected on what he has been learning from Megadeth and its co-founder Dave Mustaine, so far.

On the other side, debuting with No Gravity in 2005, Kiko Loureiro released 5 solo studio albums, outside of his tenure with Megadeth. Ultimately, Loureiro’s latest and fifth solo album titled Open Source was released in 2020. In addition to his rock/metal successes, Loureiro also performed on several Eurobeat songs in collaboration with Dave Rodgers, such as Ring of Fire, The Road is on Fire, and Fevernova.

Formed in 1983, Megadeth has almost completed 40 years on stages, selling almost 40 million records all around the world. And now, the successful and widely regarded band launches its official cryptocurrency, $MEGA, as the members recently announced that they have started to work on their sixteenth album, titled The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead!. You may find out more about Megadeth’s coin $MEGA if you are interested.


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