Fall Out Boy Frontman Made A Song For Spider-Man Cartoon

Fall Out Boy Spider-man

Patrick Stump is mainly known for his work with the band Fall Out Boy. Patrick is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for that band. Besides his work with the Fall Out Boy, he also works on various other projects. Some of his other projects are in the film industry. He is an actor and a film composer. Now today, Patrick Stump is back with yet another music work for a cartoon. This time Fall Out Boy frontman made a song for a famous franchise: Spider-Man

Fall Out Boy‘s Patrick Stump worked on the upcoming “Spidey And His Amazing Friends” project. This cartoon will set to air on Disney Junior this year. “Spidey And His Amazing Friends” is also going to be the first Marvel show on Disney Junior.  And Patrick Stump made a fast, catchy theme song for that upcoming show. If you want to listen to Fall Out Boy frontman Stump’s Spider-Man song, here you go.

Other Acting Works and Fall Out Boy’s Future

As we’ve talked about earlier this isn’t Patrick Stump’s first work in the film industry. Stump is making scores for various movies since 2006. Also, they’ve made some official score for movies as the band Fall Out Boy and their songs took part in many songs. Not only him but other members of the Fall Out Boy band are also in the film industry. Bass player for Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz is also interested in acting. In fact, he was nearly going to be in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Unfortunately, he lost the role to Dominic Monaghan, known from Lord of The Rings and Lost. Unlike his friend from the band, Patrick Stump did some acting work in some movies. He was a guest star in a show called Law & Order. He was also voice acting for Disney XD cartoon Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and guest-starred in another cartoon, “Teen Titans Go!”. These two bandmates were also in front of the camera for Stump’s short movie. As a band Fall Out Boy made a cameo in 2008’s Sex Drive movie.

Actually, Fall Out Boy going to be on tour this summer for the remaining concerts for Hella Mega Tour. But they’ve hit the Covid-19 wall and postponed the tour to 2022. Since we are in an unstable situation with Covid, of course, some bands are deciding to postpone their concert and tour dates to next year. They will be on stage for Hella Mega Tour next year for both remaining dates in the US and in Europe. Hella Mega Tour is not only for Fall Out Boy, Green Day, and Weezer.


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