Judas Priest Announced 50th Anniversary Special Box

Judas Priest 50th

Judas Priest is now hitting an important milestone. Because they have past 50 years of heavy metal experience and to celebrate that they are about to release something with the fans. It is a common thing in the industry for bands to release special editions, special releases to celebrate important milestones. Actually, the last few months have been a huge example of that. For example, we got Metallica’s special Black Album releases for the 30th anniversary of the album. Then, we got Tool special anniversary merch, which is highly criticized by fans. And now, we are about to get Judas Priest special 50th Anniversary releases.

Judas Priest is working on the 50th-anniversary celebration for a while now. Last month, they’ve announced a tour to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Now, they are going even further and giving some special stuff to their loyal fans. And that special box is going to contain a lot of special content. First of all, it is going to be a limited edition one. In the box, there will be all Judas Priest’s live and studio albums. Not only the previous albums, but the special box will also contain 13 unreleased discs. They haven’t released anything like that before. Restoration and mixing made by Tom Allom at La Cucina W8 and Alex Wharton from Abbey Road studios were responsible for mastering. The box was designed by Mark Wilkinson. There are also going to be signed photos of Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton, Ian Hill, Richie Faulkner, and Scott Travis.

Judas Priest 50th

This is going to be a $479.98 special box and is going to be out this October. Pre Order is available now and the release date is October 15. Here are some words from Judas Priest members about that box.

Rob Halford:

“Judas Priest’s curated box set representing 50 heavy metal years is the ultimate treasure trove defining the bands unwavering commitment to keeping and defending the heavy metal faith,”

Glenn Tipton:

“If there’s one box set you should have in your heavy metal collection it should be this one. It’s immortal — proclaiming and truly representing metal for over 50 years — flying the flag and proudly leading the way inspiring many bands throughout the years. This 42-CD selection says it all — it’s a big part of metal history and as such will live forever.”

If you are interested in this special box and want it to be yours, you can check this link to reach the official website to put your order in. And as always, don’t forget to share your comments about that box with us.


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