Metallica and Tool Take Strict Measures for Pandemic on New Shows

Metallica and Tool Take Strict Measures for Covid on Their Shows
Metallica and Tool

As many of the regarded bands have finally been getting rid of their cages and head back on roads again after hard times that all world have been going through due to ongoing pandemic, Metallica and Tool are also among those bands kicking off their new shows. But in the meantime, it also appears that the two regarded bands have been taking strict measures to secure their audience’s health, as well.

While many bands have been struggling with the outcomes of the ongoing pandemic process, Metallica and Tool are also among them apparently. But as a difference from most, the two regarded bands have been taking really high measures as well, recruiting specially trained dogs that sniff for traces of COVID-19 in members of their crew or anyone who also passes backstage.

On the other hand, the head of the management company of Metallica, John Peets also talked about the regarded band’s measures as they hired Bio Detection K9 for their 40th year anniversary shows along with their fall shows in Fort Lauderdale and Atlanta.

“So far, knock on wood, the dogs have been knocking it out of the park. We haven’t had a dog miss anybody,” said John Peets from Metallica’s management company to explain.

While Bio Detection K9 dogs are specially trained for COVID-19 and its various strains, they are just being used to search manageable groups, instead of large crowds, as also the director of training and operations for Bio Detection K9, Shawn Reed, explained how the process works earlier, saying,

“We don’t search whole stadiums; that is not what we are there for. I don’t take a dog and search a crowd of 60,000 people.”

The company that Metallica hired to secure their shows, Bio Detection K9 has been using dogs to detect viruses, bacteria, and fungus as it has been doing its job for over a decade in partnership with the US Department of Agriculture and other government agencies.

On the other side, after wrapping up 2021 with lots of achievements and works, Metallica has now been also preparing to kick off its upcoming 2022 tour in February, as well as Tool has been preparing for a while for its 2022, which will be kicked off with its first show just tonight, on January 10. So, it’s also a great thing to find out more about the high measures that the regarded bands Metallica and Tool have also been struggling to secure their shows much more for everyone.

Ultimately, Tool is finally kicking off its tour tonight on January 10 with the support of its 2019’s “Fear Inoculum” at the Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, Oregon, before they will pass over to Europe in April, while also Metallica will be getting on the stage on February without even resting after passing through a really busy year in 2021.

So, we advise you to get a wiggle on while the best tickets have already started melting fast, as we listed all scheduled shows of Metallica and Tool so far in 2022 for you to take a look at along with more details before you decide as well. You can also check out other regarded bands’ upcoming tour schedules as well and stay tuned for more updates as we share them with you as soon as the bands announce them.


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