1. Lars Ulrich moved to the USA in 1980. However, being a ranked tennis player back in Denmark, Lars failed to make the team at his high school. This failure was what finally inspired Lars to focus fully on drumming. Now he has amazing net worth with Metallica

  2. James just returned from rehab and he is still playing amazing guitar and his voice never changes. I think he deserves this net worth.

  3. Kirk Hammett is one of the interesting guitar player around the world. His skill not good like old days but still has own style and this worth not much for him. I hope he can also find the lost Metallica songs notes.

  4. they are really earning a lot but during the pandemic, Metallica’s net worth did not rise too much but still they earn like $70 million yearly.

  5. as a fan of Metallica they are really deserve it. So, between all of those events and concert they are recording new albums that make metal fans happy.

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