1. Rofl so silly to presume mangini made dream theater more complicated or intelligent after he joined, especially when it is well known that it was petrucci writing everything and before mangini it was portnoy and petrucci writing everything. Research a little better mayhaps. 😀

  2. Jeff Becks “Blow by blow” album is entirely instrumental. There is no emotional lyrics as is written in the article.

  3. I agree on a couple of his choices big time ,most anything Bruford played on got me,the man knows his stuff,Jeff Beck ,I mean let’s bevreal ,the man was a guitar genius on my mind ,I grew up with the great Shawn Lane ,who was a monster on just about every instrument he played, on junior high, he was able to read music upside down, he also loved Jeff,know for his blistering speed on guitar, we saw Jeff in Memphis our hometown, we got to backstage & meet the 2 greats Beck himself & then drummer Terry Bozzio who played on U.K ‘s night after night album& the Danger Money U.K album, anyway after the meeting & gig while we’re going back to the car Sshawn looked at me with a kinda sad ish face & Saud man I will never play guitar fast again lol,,of course that didn’t last lol but they( him& Terry ) were so freaking awesome at what notes they played together as a whole ,I realize Terry doesn’t play notes per say but the way & structure of everything played was amazing.I also agree with Mike’s choice of DiMeola & Blood,Sweat & Tears,big fan of both even though I was only 7 when BS& T debut came out,just a beautifully played & done album it is,Al ,I have known about him since I was around 14 maybe, enough said, the man speaks for himself, that was about the time I was introduced to progressive rock ,Rush ,Yes,Crimson ,ELP,Oddly enough,Genesis escaped me somehow, these days for 30 + years I have been a huge Dream Theater nut lol,i used to trade bootlegs with other fans up north & Portnoy would send me stuff in the mail to ” check this out man”,he did that with a lot of people back then,that’s one thing they did to get started up,anyway it’s been real ,i talk too much I know ….Peace ,Love & Prog on people out there ,be safe be good and positive vibes from Memphis Tennessee, yeah we prog down south also motherfuckers lmao ✌️❤️🎶

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