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  1. I miss Neil Peart terribly and love to read anything that I can about him or from him. I remember him speaking on each one of these drummers and how they influenced him and others. He always seemed shy of the spotlight to me but I know now that he just didn’t really like for people to put him on a pedestal when he felt that many others deserved attention and accolades as much if not more than he did. In my eyes he was a magician on the kit and a true artist and gentleman on top of it all. The lyrics that he wrote along with the music that Lifeson and Lee wrote were more than entertaining, they brought feelings and enlightenment to the music world. For a band to span four decades having not only stayed together but producing an album nearly every year during that span is remarkable and speaks on how enduring and truly special that not only Peart but Lifeson and Lee are. It’s remarkably sad that we aren’t going to get to hear whatever else that they would have come up with. I know that Rush’s music will bring pleasure, thought and even sadness for generations to come.

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