New Rock and Metal Albums Release in June 2022

New Rock and Metal Albums Release in June 2022

What’s next ahead of rock and metal music? So, we wanted to share a list of the rock and metal albums that are coming in June 2022.

We also expect our favorite artists and bands to perform amazing new music. They should also be able to meet us on stage, too. This is mainly because we’ve been forced to remain apart for the majority of the time due to the pandemic. However, there were many things taking place in 2022 together with our favorite musicians, since we all have been trying to get through the effects of the pandemic.

You can also find out more about the upcoming news and updates on the famous bands’ announcements for their upcoming 2022 concert tour plans if you only stay tuned with

Check our latest metal and rock album 2022 releases calendar here.

June 2022 is sure to be a thrilling month for metal and rock fans from around the globe just for this fact: Kreator, Porcupine Tree, Billy Howerdel from A Perfect Circle, Crobot, Coheed and Cambria, Alexisonfire, and many more. Let’s get to our monthly releases list, which we’ll also be updated if something changes or is added.

6 Rock and Metal Albums You Should Listen in June 2022

Here are the rock and metal albums spotlight from June 2022:

Kreator – Hate Über Alles

Release Date: June 10 – Label: Nuclear Blast

The world’s most renowned world-renowned extreme Metal band Kreator returns five years after their previous “Gods Of War” album Kreator is a genre-defining band and presents their most political album to date. “Hate Über Alles” is a powerful statement against the scourge of hate and the divisions in society today.


1. Sergio Corbucci Is Dead
2. Hate Über Alles
3. Killer Of Jesus
4. Crush The Tyrants
5. Strongest Of The Strong
6. Become Immortal
7. Conquer And Destroy
8. Midnight Sun
9. Demonic Future
10. Pride Comes Before The Fall
11. Dying Planet

Porcupine Tree – Closure/Continuation

Release Date: June 24 – Label: Music For Nations/Megaforce

Closure/Continuation will be the eleventh studio album of British progressive rock group Porcupine Tree. The band’s first album in the studio after the release of The Incident is scheduled for release on June 24, 2022, through Music For Nations.

Billy Howerdel – What Normal Was

Release Date: June 10 – Label: Alchemy Recordings/Rise Records/BMG

A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel his debut solo album ‘What Normal Was‘ will be available on June 10th, 2022.

Howerdel also talked about his upcoming solo album:

“This is me stepping back into my early teen self and making the record I would’ve made if I had the means and the knowledge when I first picked up a guitar – just in 2022. It’s that moment as a kid when you hear a record, close your eyes, and go somewhere else. That was the time I found my lane, so to speak.”

Crobot – Feel This

Release Date: June 3 – Label: Mascot

In “Feel That” CROBOT tried to convey an authentic live feel because the band, just like Brandon Yeagley, sees himself as a live performance recording every song at the recording studio. The same can be felt in the album, and it is clear that you feel the excitement of playing. “Feel This” follows the hugely successful “Motherbrain” of 2019.


1. Electrified
2. Dizzy
3. Set You Free
4. Better Times
5. Golden
6. Without Wings
7. Livin on the Streets
8. Into the Fire
9. Dance with the Dead
10. Holy Ghost
11. Never Break Me
12. Staring Straight into the Sun

Coheed and Cambria – Vaxis II: A Window Of The Waking Mind

Release Date: June 24 – Label: Roadrunner

Welcome back to the world of The Amory Wars, the sci-fi universe of Coheed and Cambria! The New York-based progressive rock band has announced the release of their new album, Vaxis II: A Window of the Waking Mind, on June 24th, 2022.

The ambitious work spans 13 songs and was produced by Claudio Sanchez and Zakk Cervini. Four years after the first part, it’s time again: buckle up, and off you go on the thrilling journey to distant galaxies. In the second of five parts in the Vaxis story, we follow a couple on the run from tyrannical forces and the mysterious new figure in their ranks.


1. The Embers of Fire
2. Beautiful Losers
3. Comatose
4. Shoulders
5. A Disappearing Act
6. Love Murder One
7. Blood
8. The Liars Club
9. Bad Man
10. Our Love
11. Ladders of Supremacy
12. Rise, Naianasha (Cut the Cord)
13. Window of the Waking Mind

Alexisonfire – Otherness

Release Date: June 24 – Label: Dine Alone

Alexisonfire already announced their first studio album in 13 years, ‘Otherness’ which will release on June 24th, 2022.


1. Committed To The Con
2. Sweet Dreams Of Otherness
3. Sans Soleil
4. Conditional Love
5. Blue Spade
6. Dark Night Of The Soul
7. Mistaken Information
8. Survivor’s Guilt
9. Reverse The Curse
10. World Stops Turning

Every Rock and Metal Albums Release in June 2022

You can check every upcoming rock and metal album in June 2022 below!

June 3rd, 2022

Astronoid – Radiant Bloom (3DOT)
Battlelore – The Return of The Shadow (Napalm)
Bleed From Within – Shrine (Nuclear Blast)
Candlemass – Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Vinyl Re-Release (Peaceville)
Crobot – Feel This (Mascot)
GWAR – The New Dark Ages (Pit)
Killswitch Engage – Live At The Palladium (Metal Blade)
Memphis May Fire – Remade In Misery (Rise)
The Oklahoma Kid – Tangerine Tragic (Arising Empire)
Origin – Chaosmos (Nuclear Blast/Agonia)
Orphantwin – Future Classic (Solid State)
Temple Of Void – Summoning The Slayer (Relapse)

June 10th, 2022

Attempt Survivors – Educated Hips EP (Iodine)
Bloody Heels – Rotten Romance (Frontiers)
Deathwhite – Grey Everlasting (Season Of Mist)
Downset – Maintain (Nuclear Blast)
Dragged Under – Upright Animals (Mascot)
Grace – Hope (Frontiers)
Heart Attack – Negative Sun (Atomic Fire)
Kardashev – Liminal Rite (Metal Blade)
KISS – Off The Soundbound: Live At Donington 1996 (UMe)
Michael Monroe – I Live Too Fast To Die Young (Silver Lining)
Moodring – Stargazer (UNFD)
Motionless In White – Scoring The End Of The World (Roadrunner)
Seventh Wonder – The Testament (Frontiers)
The Tangent – Songs From The Hard Shoulder (InsideOut)
Venus 5 – Venus 5 (Frontiers)
Wind Rose – Warfront (Napalm)

June 17th, 2022

Chaos Magic – Emerge (Frontiers)
Civil War – Invaders (Napalm)
Denouncement Pyre – Forever Burning (Agonia)
Executioner’s Mask – Winterlong (Profound Lore)
Grey Daze – The Phoenix (Loma Vista)
Jorn – Over The Horizon Radar (Frontiers)
Nova Twins – Supernova (Marshall)
Oni – Loathing Light (Ironshore)
Soulfly – The Soul Remains Insane: The Studio Albums 1998 To 2004 (BMG)
Tim Bowness – Butterfly Mind (InsideOut)
Tombs – Ex Oblivion EP (Season Of Mist)
Vatican – Ultra (UNFD)
Vypera – Eat Your Heart Out (Frontiers)
Whitesnake – Greatest Hits (Rhino)
Zombi – Zombi & Friends, Volume 1 (Relapse)

June 24th, 2022

Alestorm – Seventh Rum Of A Seventh Rum (Napalm)
Belphegor – The Devils (Nuclear Blast)
Black Stone Cherry – Live From The Royal Albert Hall… Y’all (Mascot)
Candy – Heaven Is Here (Relapse)
Darkane – Inhuman Spirits (Massacre)
Emery – Rub Some Dirt On It (Tooth & Nail)
Fallen Sanctuary – Terranova (AFM)
Final Light – Final Light (Red Creek)
Guillotine A.D. – Born To Fall (M-Theory)
The Hellacopters – Through The Eyes Of The Hellacopters EP (Nuclear Blast)
Limbs – Coma Year EP (UNFD)
Mirror Queen – Inviolate (Tee Pee)
Paganizer – Beyond The Macabre (Transcending Obscurity)
Philosophobia – Philosophobia (Sensory)
Projected – Hypoxia (Rat Pak)
RXPTRS – Living Without Death’s Permission (Metal Blade)
Saor – Origins (Season Of Mist)
Tygers Of Pan Tang – The Wreck-age/Burning In The Shade Re-Release (HNE)
Victorius – Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War (Napalm)
Volcandra – Border World EP (Prosthetic)
Werewolves – From The Cave To The Grave (Prosthetic)


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