1. The 5th one is wrong. The quotes at the end were by Sting, about the first time he heard “Love Me Do”. How can Paul wish he wrote something he already wrote?!

  2. I was hoping he would also say Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks, for me the greatest rock song of all time.

    1. I absolutely agree on that one !
      And “Waterloo Sunset” also sounds like a Paul McCartney melody could have been writing for The Beatles around “The Summer of Love” scene back in 1967. I would have loved to hear how The Beatles would have made their cover version of this one at that time.

  3. Mccartney tries so hard to cut john Lennon cut of the picture but dude John Lennon was the Beatles and still is…george harrison and john lennon had all the talent…

    1. I absolutely agree on that one !
      Actually, it’s only “God Only Knows” that I understand that Paul would have liked to have written, of the ones he has chosen here,
      “Stardust” is nothing special compared all the other wonderful melodies he can choose from.

    2. Yes…. And check out the official Real Love video on YouTube. The thumbnail is not the fab 4 or the remaining 3 at the time…. It’s John & Yoko. Oh, and I’m sure you heard Paul & Ringo are recording another new Beatles tune this year (2023) with John’s vocals, 42 years after his death. If Paul wanted to cut John out, why is he ok with the songwriting credit being LENNON-Mcartney after all these years, even though John contributed little to some of their most iconic hits (Yesterday, Penny Lane, Let it Be, Hey Jude, etc)? And Paul is trying to cut John out how?

  4. When you look at the Catalog of hit songs and volume of music created by Paul McCartney after the breakup, John Lennon pales in comparison,

    1. Keep in mind that Johns solo career was marked by his five year absence from recording, as well as his tragic death.

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