Robert Trujillo Discusses The Legendary 40th Anniversary Shows of Metallica

Robert Trujillo Discusses The 40th Anniversary Shows of Metallica
Robert Trujillo

As the regarded band Metallica celebrated its 40th year anniversary just recently with a historic pair of 40th-anniversary shows, its bassist Robert Trujillo appeared in a conversation, discussing the regarded band’s legendary 40th-anniversary shows.

While the celebrations of Metallica’s 40th year anniversary have slowly come to an end, its bassist Robert Trujillo talked about the shows which were held at San Francisco’s Chase Center on December 17 and December 19. During the shows, Metallica played at least one song off each of their studio albums to honor its 40th anniversary, including the ones that have never been played on stages as well, while tons of fans from all around the world also flocked to the concerts in San Francisco all weekend.

And after their historical two-night celebration event, the talented bassist of Metallica Robert Trujillo talked about what it was like to go up on stage for the first of the two shows, also reflecting early process before they got on the stage.

“Here’s something that’s very helpful, and a lot of people may not know this. But James [Hetfield] and I actually, before the show, a couple of hours before, we went up in the nosebleed seats and we watched all of the film content that was transitional into the songs for the evening,” started Metallica bassist telling.

“So we saw all the film content — it was like a half-hour of content — and we were so excited by what we saw that when we got on the floor preceding the show, there was a certain feeling of confidence, I think, and a bit more of the right kind of relaxation. And what I usually do is all the fans that are kind of behind me in my area, I give them fistbumps and all that kind of stuff, so I’m getting their energy already and we’re already communicating with the crowd in that way. It’s kind of like an athletic event — you’re getting ready to take the pitch, getting ready to take the field — so you get that nervousness, but it’s a good nervousness. And fueled with the idea that we had seen the transitions on film and we knew what we were gonna celebrate was really, really cool, and that helped James and I immensely. We talked about it a little bit. We were kind of, like, ‘Oh, this is cool.’ ‘Cause, you see how it was put together and how well the edits are and the flow and the celebratory aspect of it was really, really cool. Now you’re excited, now you’re, like, ‘Yeah! Let’s do this.’ I think that helped us a lot. And then once we got up there, we were pretty confident in at least having a great time.”

In addition, Robert Trujillo also continued his talk, explaining the most “challenging” parts of the 40th-anniversary shows of Metallica.

“At least from where we are on stage, you get to certain pockets, like on the outer edges of the stage, some of those mics in the corner, the sound is bouncing around, so if you’re going to sing a backup part, you don’t hear your voice very well. So that was a little weird. There’s no time to find the sweet spots, so you’ve gotta kind of roll with it and just do the best you can and try and have a great time. And we did,” explained the talented bassist of Metallica.

During the celebrations, Metallica got on the stage at Chase Center after a long time, their last performance on the September 2019 S&M² concerts. As there were tons of fans from all around the world flocking to the concerts in San Francisco all weekend, the special two-night shows of Metallica reportedly grossed more than $4.1 million, unsurprisingly. In addition, the regarded metal band also curated other events all around the city, after the long four-day weekend of celebrations started on Thursday, December 16, which included a film festival, photo exhibit, and curated lineup of smaller venue shows featuring other acts.

Ultimately, we also want to remind, especially for those who couldn’t not the regarded band’s 40th-year anniversary events or watch its live streaming, that the shows are now airing exclusively on The Coda Collection for a limited time. So, you may also want to see the special broadcast and the epic 40th-anniversary shows of Metallica’s details, as well.


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