Anthrax Albums Ranked (All Albums) – Worst to Best

Anthrax Albums Ranked - Worst To Best
Anthrax Band

Anthrax, known among the big four of the thrash band, was formed in 1981. Anthrax has made an incredible 11 studio album. With those albums, they become the most known thrash metal band. Also, Anthrax is known as the most influential metal band. With their early albums, Anthrax influenced early thrash metal bands, such as  Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeath. In this deep article, we will try to find the best Anthrax albums. To find the best, we will rank them from worst to best.

Favorite Anthrax albums

10-For All Kings

This album is Antharax’s last album. Anthrax released them as the 11th studio album. Because of the recent album, fans assume that the band gets away from the thrash metal roots. With this album, The band returned to their roots. This album is different. We do not get used to hearing songs from the vocals. When we listen to “Evil Twin,” we will listen to features from the singer Joe Duplantier of Gojira. Musically, this album is a thrash metal album.  We will listen to great guitar riffs, thrashy screams, and some hardcore early- 80s metal influences from guitarist Scoot Ian.

9-Worship Music

The “Worship Music” album was released in 2011. The “Worship Music” album is Anthrax’s 9th studio album. Before the band release of the “Worship Music”, Anthrax had not released any album since 2003. With this album, fans were happy with the return of Joey Belladonna as a singer. This album gains massive success. It peaked at number 8 on the Billboard 200 chart. Although the album’s success, the band could not catch commercial success with the “Worship Music”. They just sold 25,000 copies.

8-Persistence Of Time

Anthrax released this album as 5th studio album in 1990. the “Persistence Of Time” includes essences from some popular albums of the band. Those albums are the”Sound Of White Noise” and “State of Euphoria.” Because of the tracks in the album, the fans regarded this album as the “perfect middle album.” Musically, this album’s tracks are a combination of metallic, thrashy riffs with melodic variety.  However, when listeners listen to this album, they will see punk genre influences in some songs, like “Be All, End All.

7- We Have Come For You All

This album contains a mixture of old-school thrash and fast, melodic metal. Some fans could not find what they expected from the Anthrax. However, this album is helped the band gain new fans. Some tracks on the album are the band’s best tracks such as “Superhero,” and ” Crash.” Despite the increasing number of fans, the “We Have Come For You All” album could not be popular.

What was the first Anthrax album?

6-Fistful Of Metal

The “Fistful of Metal” album is Anthrax’s first studio album. That’s why this album has a special place for fans’ hearts. The “Fistful of the Metal” shows us the band’s early sound style. Before they focused on thrash metal, the band style was a mix of hardcore punk, thrash metal, and pure aggression. Despite the originality of the album, the album does not achieve any commercial success. The “Fistful of Metal” album includes some popular tracks like “Metal Thrashing Mad,” and  “I’m Eighteen.

5-Stomp 442

Anthrax released the “Stomp 442” album in 1992. This album is a mixture of the different genres with the Anthrax unique sound and style. The “Stomp 442” album brought massive commercial success for the band. Anthrax accomplished selling more than 38,000 copies all around the world.

4-Spreading The Disease

Because of the Spreading The Diseases cover, this album is regarded as a band’s most memorable release. The “Spreading The Disease” album tracks beyond the fan’s expectation. The album tracks are fast and aggressive. That’s why album tracks could satisfy every fan of the band.

What is Anthrax best selling album?

3-Sound Of White Noise

This album is known as the band’s most experimental work. Generally, fans do not like the experimental works from their favorite bands. However,  fans liked the experimental album this time. This album becomes a best-selling album in Anthrax history.

2-State Of Euphoria

This album was released in 1998. Fans consider this album considered a classic in thrash metal critics. That’s why people think that the “State Of Euphoria” should be number one. Despite the good reviews about the album, the “State Of Euphoria” album is average musically.

What was Anthrax’s biggest hit?

1-Among The Living

Without a doubt, “Among The Living” is a masterpiece. This album is regarded as the best Anthrax record ever released. It is also number four among VH1 40 Greatest Metal Albums. Despite this success, this album does not regard as a band’s best release. Musically the album is the best. This album is a mixture of fast and heavy riffs, beats, solos, and vocals.

Which Anthrax album is your favorite? You can share your favorite album with us in the comment section.

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