1. I’m glad to see that Taylor is on your list since I have owned a Taylor T5z Koa for 8 years and a Taylor NS32 classical for 20 years. I absolutely love them both, but I had to replace the classical guitar. I did my research and found that two former Taylor luthiers started a company in Bend Oregon called Breedlove and their guitars are exceptional. They craft their guitars with eco-friendly sustainable tone-woods, and they sound great, even better than my old Taylor. They can design a custom-made guitar (too expensive for me) like they did for Jeff Bridges. So, I’m sad to see that they didn’t make your list, but what should I expect from a bunch of metal heads…LOL

  2. Read with interest. I’m just a hobby user and bought and continue to use the same K-Yairi since 1974. Noted that that maker in not on your list. Care to comment?

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