Foo Fighters Reveals Income From Madison Square Garden Concert

Foo Fighters 2022 Tour in North America Rescheduled Again
Foo Fighters 2022 Tour North America

Foo Fighters is back at business after Covid-19 related delays. Recently, they were on stage for Madison Square Garden Concert and that concert was a successful one. We can see the success in both fans’ feedbacks and the economic reports that Foo Fighters revealed. Let’s take a look into how much money they made from that Madison Square Garden Concert.

With the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions easing up all around the world, the music industry started to rise from ashes. Bands were struggling for a while during the Covid-19 period, including some of the biggest bands like Metallica. But recent news shows us that those problems are not going to be seen a lot. Foo Fighters shared the information about their last concert at Madison Square Garden and the numbers look good.

First of all, this event was the first one in Madison Square Garden in around 500 days. And for that first even in a while, Foo Fighters sold 15,371 tickets. That amount of tickets is equal to $1.4 million. That number is really a big one considering all the bands were having problems during the lockdown period.

Of course, that event required some Covid-19 guidelines while we are still in the early phases of going back to normal. Anyone who wanted to attend that first event in Madison Square Garden needed to show vaccination proof. That requirement was not from the venue but was from N.Y. State Department of Health and wanted at least 14 days after the last dose of vaccine. There were lots of people against that idea of vaccination requirement but after all the first Madison Square Garden event after a long time was a full capacity one. Foo Fighters actually sold even more tickets than the venue’s limit.

During the event, there was some surprising stuff as well. Comedian Dave Chapelle joined the Foo Fighters for a Radiohead-Creep performance. This isn’t the first cover they’ve done recently. At the warm-up concert before MSG, drummer Taylor Hawkins sang the famous “Somebody to Love” song by Queen.

As we said in the beginning, Foo Fighters are back at the business at top speed. They started doing live events, their single reached platinum status a couple of days ago and they are about to be Dee Gees for Record Store Day 2021 and will perform some Bee Gees songs. We will be sharing all the news from Foo Fighters. In the meantime keep following and don’t forget to share your comments.



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