Mini Heavy Metal Festival From Wacken Open Air Organizers

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Festivals are starting again. That is a sentence that we are probably going to hear for a while. And it’s not only about festivals that already exist. With the world reopening, we are going to see even more festivals. We are going to see one of that new festivals from an organizer we already know. German organizers whose already known for their work with Wacken Open Air are planning to do a new festival.

This new festival they are planning is actually going to be a mini version of their popular festival Wacken Open Air. We even got the first information from this new mini heavy metal festival.

Firstly, they announced the name of it. This organization is going to be called Bullhead City. And the starting date is also very close. Bullhead City is set to take place this September. The actual dates are September 16-18, 2021. And we are going to see a couple of cool bands in Bullhead City. The festival is going to take place in Wacken, just like Wacken Open Air.

They also announced the headliners of the event: Here is the list:

Bands Of Bullhead City

Nightwish, Blind Guardian, Powerwolf Doro, Saltatio Mortis, Nasty, Gaahls Wyrd, Endseeker, Slope and Burning Witches.

There isn’t any information on how many people are attending Bullhead City. Obviously, organizers need to get an approvement from the Schleswig-Holstein state to declare that information. But there are expectations about 20.000 people attending. We’ll need to wait and see until the official announcement is made. There isn’t any rule in Germany right now forbidding any festival activity. Some states and local governments are advising organizers to put a cap on how many people attending. It may change throughout the time until the festival.

A couple of weeks ago, Wacken Open Air officials made a sad announcement on the Wacken Open Air. First, Wacken Open Air was canceled for 2020 because of Covid-19 related issues. The Festival got the same fate this year also. They announced that the Wacken Air is canceled for 2021 and going to take place from August 4 to August 6, 2022. This mini edition of Wacken Open Air can be a good opportunity for fans to spend time during the waiting period for actual Wacken Open Air.

As we’ve said, we need to wait and see until if anything weird comes up to become a problem about this mini heavy metal festival. Right now, it seems like fans are going to have some metal music from September 16 to September 18.


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