New Megadeth Album Name Confirmed By Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine is teasing a lot of information via his Cameo account since he joined that platform a while ago. He shares some information about their music, band, and almost everything that fans wonder about Megadeth during his specially created videos for fans. Today, Mustaine did it again and confirmed some special information about Megadeth. This time the information is about their upcoming album. Here is all the information about it.

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine joined the video-on-demand platform Cameo a while ago. On that platform, he creates special videos for fans who pay a fee. He recorded one of his latest videos for a fan named Joe. During the special birthday video for Joe, Mustaine talked about Megadeth’s upcoming album. Megadeth fans were sharing their theories about the band’s upcoming album name. With this video, Mustaine confirmed the theories and said the name for the upcoming album. Below, you can see Mustaine’s words from the video in which he celebrated the fan’s birthday.

“If you listen real closely, you can hear in the background — look over my shoulder, uh oh! — there’s the Pro Tools rig with the new album, doing a rough mix, and you’re getting to hear a little bit of it in the background for your birthday. This is the beginning of the song ‘The Sick, the Dying and the Dead,’ which is our title track.”

This isn’t the first time Dave Mustaine talking about that name. A couple of months ago, during an interview, he said that they were using “The Sick, the Dying, and the Dead” as a tentative name for the upcoming album. There isn’t any official release date or announcement about this album but it is expected to be released later this year. For more information keep following us.

As we’ve said in the beginning, Dave Mustaine shares information about Megadeth in his Cameo videos. A while ago he showed the new “mysterious” bassist of Megadeth, joined after Megadeth parted ways with Ellefson. Since it’s taking a lot of attention from fans, he might just keep doing it to tease more information.

If you want to take a look at the video where he shares the new album name, you can check the video below. Please don’t forget to share your comments with us using the comment section. Did you like the new Megadeth album name or were you expecting a different name from Megadeth?


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