1. Great list, only because of how great the band truly is. BUT! to not include “Lateralis” and “Ænima” is insane. Both are far superior to practically every song on this list…maybe their best two songs, ever.

          1. Where stinkfist ?!?!?! He’s only ended EVERY concert with it foe the last 3+ years 🤯

  1. Great list, good job. I remember seeing tool on the Vans warp tour in Orlando Florida. I saw them last year here in Detroit for their new album, love them. ✌️😎

  2. The list of songs by tool that could have been included is crazy but that’s a pretty tough list to beat. Typically I completely disagree with these lists but this one not so much…

  3. No, no, no, no, no.
    Pushit should be top 3.
    Omitted Aenima, The Patient, Reflections and Lateralus???
    Too much Undertow.
    Figger it out.

  4. Listing Tool songs by rank is like asking a parent to list their children in order of which one they love the most. It’s impossible. My favorite is whichever one I’m listening at that moment!

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